The Evolution of Animal
Diagnostic Solutions

We make sure that your pet is provided with the best diagnostic tool without the use of invasive surgery.

The narrative of AnimalScan is simple; we utilize best-in-class Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tools to provide the clearest and most useful internal imaging results for pet healthcare providers to aid in their diagnostic process. Our facilities are fully equipped with professionals, whose specialties range from Anesthesiology to Radiology to Imaging Analysis. Through our facilities, we seek to make sure that your pets are provided the best tools to diagnose their issues without the use of invasive surgery or other dangerous and archaic diagnostic techniques.

We don’t claim to be the only quality provider in the market, but we do claim to be the best. With almost 30,000 scans provided to date, we are by far the largest, most experienced imaging provider in North America, and we are growing by the day. Through our network of professionals and veterinary partners, we are committed to continuing to improve our services while always maintaining the belief that the only way for us to reach our goals is to continue to be a strong resource for pet care providers who, in turn, make the lives of our animal friends better.

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